WLRN now airing its NPR content in Palm Beach County

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

WLRN is now airing its NPR content in Palm Beach County.

Miami-based WLRN Public Media announced last month it has struck a deal with WPBI to air its NPR content on two local radio stations.

According to John Labonia, WLRN general manager, the station is now broadcasting on 101.9 FM and 90.7 HD2 in Palm Beach County.

“I can’t imagine an area that doesn’t have NPR service,” Labonia told The Palm Beach Post in October.

NPR and classical music listeners in Palm Beach County had been concerned with the sale of WPBI earlier this year to Christian broadcaster Educational Media Foundation.

With 90.7 already having transitioned from classic to Christian music, Labonia told The Post that WLRN had struck a deal to keep NPR temporarily on the air on 101.9 as terms of the new deal were finalized.

The loss of the classical music station remains a concern for some listeners. It is available on WLRN’s HD-2 radio channel, but an HD Radio receiver is required to pick up the free broadcast.

Read more on the deal from The Palm Beach Post’s Alexandra Clough.

WLRN of Miami will operate the transmitter that broadcasts NPR programming in PBC, ensuring the county does not lose National Public Radio. We've been given a PDF of the coverage area of the new NPR affiliate. Please replicate with this text: NPR FOR THE PALM BEACHES This graphic shows the coverage area for 101.9 FM, which will begins broadcasting Miami-based WLRN's National Public Radio content sometime in November.

This graphic shows the coverage area for 101.9 FM, which is now broadcasting Miami-based WLRN’s National Public Radio content.

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