What’s the best day of the week to list a home for sale? Hint: Definitely not Sunday


Looking to get top dollar for your house? List it for sale on a Thursday, Seattle-based brokerage Redfin says.

After analyzing 12 million sales nationally over the past six years, Redfin concludes that Thursday listings command a premium averaging $1,258. Sunday is the worst day to list — homes put on the market then take an average discount of $1,094.

Redfin’s analysis:

Homes that hit the market Thursday typically sell faster and for more money, with almost one in five getting above asking price. Homes listed on Thursdays in April do even better, with 21 percent going for above asking price.

On average, homes listed on Thursday get $2,352 more than houses listed on a Sunday. A typical $500,000 house will fetch about $2,830 more if it’s listed on a Thursday instead of a Sunday. Yet only 18 percent of sellers list on Thursday.

Homes listed toward the end of the work week, when buyers are preparing for their weekend of home touring and open-house hopping, tend to fare the best overall. Nearly 30 percent of homes go up for sale on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, the worst days of the week when it comes to fetching a premium price. Sunday has the worst track record, with homes going for above asking price only 16 percent of the time.

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