Fraud fighter fits credit cards with constantly changing security codes

In an hour, 333 no longer will be the CVV code.

In an hour, 333 no longer will be the CVV code.

A French security company has created a new type of credit card designed to thwart thieves. With Oberthur Technologies’ Motion Code, the CVV code on the back of a credit card changes every hour.

I’m looking at a sample of the card, and the CVV code reads 333. A few minutes ago, the code was 710. And in an hour, the digits will change again. Watch this five-second video to see the transformation:

Oberthur says the CVV panel is a mini-screen that works like a Kindle, temporarily burning the image into the screen and then shutting off until the numbers change. The card itself looks exactly like any other card.

While Motion Cards aren’t available in the United States yet, they should start making their way into American’s wallets later this year, said Martin Ferenczi, Oberthur’s president for North America. French bank Societe Generale has begun offering the cards. Customers pay 12 euros (about $12) a year for the feature.

“The beauty of the motion code is that for you, the consumer, it’s totally frictionless,” Ferenczi says.

The security codes are designed to halt so-called card-not-present fraud, which happens when a scammer attempts to use a stolen credit card number online.

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